What does medicare cover? What does medicare not cover?

Harvey joined Ken Haglind on the “Living Healthy and Aging Well Show” to highlight nuggets of information to help you prepare for and engage with your Medicare coverage. Three episodes covering an array of topics within Medicare and answering your questions live on the air!

Harvey S. Perle, Principal of Perle & Co., a St. Paul, MN-based Insurance Agency, is Certified in 10 brands of Medicare Carriers and is a Licensed Agent in Life, Health Insurance for all ages, Accident & Travel Insurance.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2021

OCTOBER 16th, 2021

November 20th, 2021

We believe knowledge is the most powerful tool in decision-making. Our Perles of Wisdom education series empowers our clients with the knowledge they need to make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Call us to find out more.

Medicare, with all the moving parts, can become confusing and overwhelming. All questions are valid as we all have unique circumstances.


When it comes to Medicare we don’t know what we don’t know. Come find out what you don’t know. Free and No Obligation.

We want you to be prepared for what’s coming up ahead regardless of who you choose as your advocate and insurance agent.

The educational ABCs of Medicare will be offered throughout the year.

People are asking:

What does Medicare coverage provide?

Can I still work with Part A coverage only?

I travel. Which Medicare plan goes with me?

I am about to retire. When should I apply for Part B to avoid a penalty?

What questions about Medicare could we answer for you?

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The educational ABCs of Medicare will be offered throughout the year.